List of Photos

(Sample list of photoshoot the day of the wedding)

Bride at the house Photos
Bride with Mother
Bride with Father
Bride with sister
Bride with Brother
Bride with Mother & Father
Bride with Sister & Brother
Bride with the Family
Bride by her self
Bride with grandparents
Bride by the window
Bride getting ready
Bride putting shoes on
Bride fixing her face
Bride fixing her hair
Bride with friends
Bride with maid of honor
Bride with the flower girl
Bride by the house door
Bride by the stairs
Bride with everyone at house
Bride with father & sister
Bride with crazy look
Bride with her long dress
Bride close up

(Sample list of photodshoots the day of Wedding)

Groom at the House Photos
Groom with Mother
Groom with Father
Groom with sister
Groom with brother
Groom with Mother & Father
Groom with Best Man
Groom with Family
Groom with Brother &Sister
Groom by him self
Groom with all the guys
Groom with the guys
Groom by the house door
Groom with his cosine
Groom in limousine
Groom out door with guys
Groom with best friends
Groom head shot
Groom shaking hand dad
Groom Kissing Mom
Groom with guys 3rd Photo

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